Meet The CEO Lauren Byrd






Love Perseveres started with a vision and a passion.  I always knew I wanted to start my business but I didn't know what I wanted to do. I grew up always hustling and I even started working at the age of 14.  Even though I didn't have to, it was something about having my own money.  Trying out different business ventures I finally found something that finally stuck. 

It was a crazy time in my life and I found out I was being diagnosed with a so-called deadly disease HIV.  I thought my life was over and for that one moment I had to learn how to love myself.  I had no other choice. I wanted to be here for my daughter.  To only find out that was only a stigma , I could live a healthy life if I chose to.  For this moment I was finally putting myself first and loving me. I remember growing up and my mom taking me to christian book stores and how it made me feel.  (I loved it) . That day I went and purchased a love journal. I came across the scripture in 1 Corinthians 13:7  and the final words were love always perseveres. At that moment I knew everything would be alright.  As my relationship grew with God, so did my passion. So I decided to incorporate the two. Ministry and fashion and I said to myself that's it.... Love Perseveres.  That's how Love Perseveres was created.

Here at Love Perseveres I want to share how amazing God's love is. If he can save me . Then he can definitely save you too. ....  Love Perseveres where we give you ministry through clothing.  


I am now excited to get a location where I can share my expertise now in person and also teach you what I know.  I will also host pop up shops to help other entrepreneur’s get exposure to their brand and grow their business. Also allowing you to host your events in our space as well. I plan to also teach others on how to create their own T-shirt brand along with the resources where to start.  For years people have come to me for advice on how to start and I am happy now to be opening a location.  Instead of just a virtual experience we can now open our doors to in person mentor-ship and so more.  Stay up to date with us for more information.